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Links to Individual Mainstream Lessons

Lesson #Calls & Links


Introduction to Mainstream by caller, Larry Kraber

1aDesignate Heads, Sides (1,2,3,4), Circle Left/Right, Do Sa Do, Forward & Back, Swing, Promenade, Promenade 1/2, Single File Promenade

1bAllemande Left, Right Hand Turn (Turn Thru), Right & Left Grand, Weave the Ring, Star Left/Right

1cPass Thru, U Turn Back, California Twirl, Partner Trade, Star Promenade

2Promenade, Full 3/4, Grand Square, Half Sashay, Roll Away with a Half Sashay, Ladies In, Men Sashay

3Right & Left Thru, Courtesy Turn, Box the Gnat, Wrong Way Grand, Ladies Chain (Heads, Sides, 3/4, All)

4Back Track, Lead Right, Circle to a Line, Bend the Line, All Around your Left Hand Lady, See Saw

5Square Thru (2,3,4), Wheel Around, Star Thru, Slide Thru

6Veer Left/Right, Wheel & Deal (Two Faced Line), Ladies/Gents Promenade

7Ocean Wave, Swing Thru, Run (Boys, Girls, Centers, Ends), Pass the Ocean, Trades (Boys, Girls, Ends, Centers), Dive Thru, Extend

8Circulates (Ends, Centers, Couples, All 8), Ferris Wheel, Zoom

9Touch a Quarter, Scoot Back, Flutter Wheel, Reverse Flutter Wheel

10Do Paso, Thar, Allemande Thar, Slip the Clutch, Shoot the Star, Wrong Way Thar

11Spin the Top, Alamo Style Wave, Wave Balance, Circulates (Column, Box, Split, 1 1/2), Chain Down the Line, Sweep a Quarter

12Cross Run, Left Swing Thru, Single Hinge, Separate, Trade By, Wheel & Deal (Lines of 4)

13Couples Trade, Couples Hinge, Folds, Cross Fold, Centers In/Out, Split the Outside Couple, Double Pass Thru, Cloverleaf

14Left Square Thru, Cast Off 3/4, Walk & Dodge, Pass to the Center, Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave

15Tag the Line, Half Tag the Line, Recycle, 8 Chain 4/Thru, Spin Chain Thru


Links to Individual Plus Lessons

Introduction to Plus Square Dancing by caller, Larry Kraber

1Fan the Top, Acey Deucey, Tea Cup Chain, Ping Pong Circulate

2Grand Swing Thru, Diamond Circulate (Normal/Facing), Cut the Diamond, Flip the Diamond

3Load the Boat, Peel Off, Linear Cycle, (Anything) and Spread

4Coordinate, Cross Fire, (Anything) and Roll

5Track II, Single Circle to an Ocean Wave, Spin Chain the Gears

6Trade the Wave, Relay the Deucey

7Explode the Wave, Explode (& Anything), Follow Your Neighbor (& Spread)

8Chase Right, Spin Chain & Exchange the Gears, 3/4 Tag the Line

9Peel the Top, All 8 Spin the Top, Dixie Grand

 Demonstration Square Dance - Larry Kraber Calls for the Saddlebrooke Squares


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